New NFT Project launching on the Cardano Blockchain


Surfer dudes Wave 1 OG Mint (small mint) = 107 unique surfer dudes with special surf location backgrounds and special traits.

Mint price = 19 Ada (SALE for OG's)

Surfer dudes Wave 2 mint = 1888 unique surfer dudes

Mint price = 33 Ada


In order to buy Surfer Dudes Cardano PFP NFTs  you’ll need a  Cardano wallet. You can use Daedalus, Nami, Yoroi, CCwallet, Adalite. Please download them from their official websites. Do not mint from an exchange wallet. 

 SERIES 1- Surfer Dudes PFP collection. Surfer dudes with special backgrounds from some of the best surf spots in the world.

             Wave 1 - 107 NFTs OG Mint @19 Ada (SALE for OG's)

             Wave 2 - 1888 NFTs   @33Ada

SERIES 2- Surfer Ladies PFP- to be announced

             Wave 1 - 107 NFTs @19Ada (SALE)

             Wave 2 - 1888 NFTs   @33Ada

SERIES 3- Surfer Kids/groms - to be announced - 3D Metaverse Avatars/Collab announcements.

SERIES 4- Surfer Inventory - Inventory of surfing objects for the Metaverse. Personal Items, Property items, homes, 3D inventory

We are a smaller project with a small team. We are here to stay. Building ongoing, ill try and keep you updated, appreciate suggestions.... lets see where this takes us! 

Full roadmap coming soon

Jpeg Store Official Link:

Policy:  ec2491d3a13ab23c9e82266c00ab7d4d6510fc8a0d9ca83385d835f7

Please follow @Surfingpunk on Twitter for latest updates.

Sorry.. no discord yet...too many scams and scammers. Direct all questions to Twitter please. We may open a discord in the future if needed. 😊