New NFT Project launching on the Cardano Blockchain


Surfer dudes Wave 1 OG Mint (small mint) = 107 unique surfer dudes with special surf location backgrounds and special traits.

Mint price = 10 Ada (SALE)


In order to buy Surfer Dudes Cardano PFP NFTs  you’ll need a  Cardano wallet. You can use Daedalus, Nami, Yoroi, CCwallet, Adalite. Please download them from their official websites. Do not mint from an exchange wallet. 

 SERIES 1- Surfer Dudes PFP collection. Surfer dudes with special backgrounds from some of the best surf spots in the world.

       We are a smaller project with a small team. We are here to stay. Building ongoing, ill try and keep you updated, appreciate suggestions.... lets see where this takes us! 

Jpeg Store Official Link:

Policy:  ec2491d3a13ab23c9e82266c00ab7d4d6510fc8a0d9ca83385d835f7

Please follow @Surfingpunk on Twitter for latest updates.

Sorry.. no discord yet...too many scams and scammers. Direct all questions to Twitter please. We may open a discord in the future if needed. 😊