Local Surfing History

Nova Scotia's Surfing History: History, Legends, and more.

lawrencetown beach

A collection of old surfing photos and videos. Enjoy

Back in the day videos: 3 part series

YouTube Video - Back in the day #1 - 1995  https://youtu.be/Gn7lBlXjvvo

YouTube Video - Back in the day #2 - 1995  https://youtu.be/F6OF8D6CuVs

YouTube Video - Back in the day #3 - 1995  https://youtu.be/qXRIyiYKtS4


MacDonald House - History (Pic from 1940's)



Thomas Wiley (Local First Gen Legend) - Last one standing teaser (documentary)


Matt Mays - Local Surfer and lyrical Legend

https://youtu.be/mpw5y9jnnEw (Queen of Portland St.)