New Dog waste receptacles at Lawrencetown Beach

New Dog waste receptacles at Lawrencetown Beach

Hey everyone here's the plan to tackle the dog waste/litter problem. It'll be a work in progress so we will update as stuff happens.

Something has to be done.. and this is something. 🙂

We've hooked up with Scotian Shores and they are just as passionate about the state of our beaches and shorelines. 💖

We will propose a pilot project to Parks/DNR/HRM.

We will supply three garbage receptacles for dog waste. Metal, with animal proof lids.

Scotia Shores will supply the waste bags. Lawrencetown Beach Surfers Alliance and Scotian Shores will share the duties of checking and changing the bags, and removal on a regular basis.

This will cost DNR/Parks/HRM nothing. We just want our beach clean, and to help out over the winter months.(these can be removed when the season starts)

We will position the waste receptacles as to not encourage dumping.

For the receptacles: We were thinking of Metal 50 gallon containers with modified locking lids.  Tied or chained down/plus weighted.

We were also thinking maybe some local artists might want to paint them?

We'll get moving on this as soon as possible.

Let me know what you guys think. ✌😊
If you have any ideas please leave a comment.

**Note: If anyone might have some metal barrels they'd like to donate, please send us a message. Otherwise we will purchase them.


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